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Steam Rooms

Experience the ultimate relaxation and health benefits with our premium steam saunas. At VAJA, we specialise in crafting high-quality steam rooms that blend seamlessly into any home or commercial space. Our steam rooms are designed to provide you with a luxurious spa experience, offering therapeutic benefits that help reduce stress, relieve muscle tension, and improve skin health.

Sauna Rooms


  • High-Quality Steam Generators: Equipped with top-of-the-line NORDMANN Steam Generators, our steam saunas offer consistent and efficient steam production, ensuring your sauna experience is always perfect.

  • Customisable Design: Tailor your steam to match your aesthetic preferences with our range of design options, including multiple wood choices and individualised lighting systems.

  • Energy Efficiency: Our steam saunas are engineered for maximum energy efficiency, reducing your environmental footprint while saving you money on energy costs.


  • Detoxification through perspiration helps remove toxins from the body.

  • Enhanced relaxation and stress relief, promoting better sleep patterns.

  • Improved circulation and relief from muscle soreness and joint pain.


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