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Using only the finest timbers such as Clear Pine, Western Red Cedar and Obeche wood, all from renewable resources, Vaja can offer multiple modern & traditional wood selections that fit every budgetary requirement.

Vaja Products Clear Pine.jpg

Clear Pine

Vaja Products Western Red Cedar Slats.jpg

Western Red Cedar Slats

Vaja Products Thermo Treated Poplar.jpg

Thermo Treated Poplar

Vaja Products Obeche Slats.jpg

Obeche Slats



Each sauna is designed and manufactured to order, and for commercial installations, particular care is given to Health and Safety issues, and all our saunas commercial or residential are suitable for disabled entry as standard.

Various heater options are available to you, traditional heaters with automatic essence dosing, innovative bench layouts, Fully glazed fronts and multi colour or fibre optic lighting and sound systems are all available to further enhance and individualise your sauna.

We have the industry's top brands like Harvia & Vaja Products.  No matter which type of sauna heater you're looking for (i.e. wood burning sauna heaters, electric sauna heaters), we have the right model for you.  

Vaja currently carries the Harvia Glow range & VAJA range of heaters in store. If you are looking for a specific model, we will be able to source them for you. 

Heaters currently in stock

Vaja Products Harvia Glow.jpg

Harvia Wall


Harvia Wall


Harvia Glow

7kw & 9kw

Harvia Modulo

13.5kw & 18kw

Harvia M3

Wood Burning

The below stock is available on order with a marked lead time

Vaja Products Harvia Cilindro PC 110 EE.jpg

Harvia Cilindro
PC 110 EE

Vaja Products Harvia Globe GL stand.jpeg

Harvia Globe
GL Stand

Vaja Products Harvia Modulo MDAG OpenSides black.jpg

Harvia Modulo
MDAG Open Sides

Vaja Products Harvia Virta HL110.jpg

Harvia Virta

To view the full Harvia range visit :  Harvia Official Website


VAJA PRODUCTS manufactures 3 Standard DIY Sauna kits which are easy to assemble.

Sauna Kit 0: 0 – 1 Person Sauna, 1400mm Wide x 1400mm Deep

Sauna Kit 1: 1 - 2 Person Sauna, 1850mm Wide x 1350mm Deep

Sauna Kit 2: 3 - 4 Person Sauna, 2100mm Wide x 1950mm Deep

Sauna Kit 3: 5 - 6 Person Sauna, 2600mm Wide x 2100mm Deep

What's in our kits:

All Kits come complete with pre manufactured interlocking walls and roof, upper and lower bench seats and lock floor.

We also manufacture custom size kits to suit your requirements. All we need is your preferred sizes and our experienced design team will design your dream Sauna.

VAJA proudly exports DIY Sauna units across the 54 African countries. Please contact us for quoting and delivery details.



Nordmann Engineering 2016

In the home, a steam bath cabin can take up little more room than a shower, and the output and specifications of NORDMANN steam bath generators can be adapted precisely to your needs.

In addition, NORDMANN supply a whole system of steam-generating components suitable for use in installations of all types, including full-scale spas.

Nordmann Engineering Steam Pump

1. Steam Distribution

2. Fragrance Pump

3. Temperature Sensor

4. Steam Bath Generator


We are proudly South Africa's distributor for Nordmann Engineering products. 

In store, we currently stock the At4d 1534 and 2364, along with the Nordmann Omega 8 Machine. 

Additional products can be ordered with a marked lead time.

Nordmann Steam AT4D.png


Nordmann Steam Omega.jpg

Nordmann Omega

Nordmann Steam Touch Screen Panel.jpg

Touch Panel


Vaja carries a large variety of accessories & oils for use in your sauna or steam room

The sand timer is a stylish, decorative timekeeper. You can use the sandglass to indicate a suitable bathing time or simply see how much time has passed. The sand flows in 15 minutes.

Vaja Products Red Cedar Sandtimer.jpg

Solid Western Red Cedar timber
sand timer 

Vaja Products Red Cedar Bucket _ Ladle.jpg

3L Western Red Cedar Bucket with
plastic insert & ladle

Vaja Products Thermometer.jpg

This stylish Thermometer / Hydrometer combo. With a temperature range from
0C -120C and a humidity range from 0-100% RH

Vaja Products Red Cedar Headrest.jpg

Red Cedar Headrest

Vaja Products Pine Sandtimer.jpg

Solid Pine timber sand timer 

Vaja Products Pine Bucket _ Ladle.jpg

3L Pine Bucket with plastic insert
& ladle

Vaja Products Ergo Head Rest.jpg

Ergo Pine Headrest

Vaja Products Pine Headrest.jpg

Pine Headrest


Vaja offers a wide variety of fragrant essential oils to enhance the relaxation of your sauna or steam room

Vaja Products Frangranced Oils.png

Our current fragrance range includes:

- Pine Needle 
- Eucalyptus
- Sandalwood
- Peppermint
- Green Apple
- Blood Orange
- Rose


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